FST Tsa Lock Luggage Locks for Travel 3 Digit Combination All Metal TSA Approved Lock 4 Pack-Black

FST Tsa Lock Luggage Locks for Travel 3 Digit Combination All Metal TSA Approved Lock 4 Pack-Black
  • This item is recognized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)
  • Travel smart combination lock
  • Allows airport screeners to unlock inspect and relock bags, without damaging the lock
  • Very easy to use: Hassle-Free set your own combination, so you don’t have to struggle with opening the Lock, setting and changing the combination
  • Suggested uses, luggage, backpacks, bags, small cabinets, briefcases, computer bags

Theft is a common occurrence in most airports. According to a recent CNN study, 25% of these thefts happen in the baggage handling and storage areas. Our lock is the only Luggage lock you can trust to secure your bags as TSA agents must relock the lock before they remove their key
Unlike some locks that you can open in seconds without a tool, our TSA lock has highly secured locking mechanism that is so hard to crack, even professional locksmiths having trouble cracking it.
Easy to set 3 digit combination. Setting your combination literally takes seconds and with 1000 possible combinations to choose from you know that this combination lock is secure. Never worry about losing those small baggage lock keys when you use Forge TSA combination locks. With our lock alert, you can instantly know that TSA inspected your bags, and immediately check the content to make sure everything are alright.
You will never find any combination lock that is as easy to use as ours. When you don’t have to struggle to set the combination, you are more relaxed and free to enjoy your most pleasurable trips.

How to Set:
The original number is 0-0-0. Setting your own combination.
Pull up the shackle. (as in the picture above)
Rotate the shackle 90° counterclockwise, Hold it down and then continue to turn another 90° counterclockwise .
Set your own combination by turning dials to the convex line .
Turn the shackle back as normal. The procedure is now complete.
Dial your numbers to the convex, pull the shackle to open.
Insert the shackle and scramble the numbers to lock, repeat the above to reset.

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